Welcome to our new forum!

October 17, 2017

We have created a forum for our potentials buyers and/or future customers. Please note that this forum purpose is entirely duostyling.com products. All other discussions will be removed.

Lot of things changed since we launched duostyling.com in 2001. By far most interest in our products was for MK2 cars. As for 2017, these cars are more and more rare. However, the ones are fully working are more and more valuable. Since many of these cars are very altered, one of purposes for this forum is to survey what engines are being used and how our products fit with those. Duostyling.com is not limited to MK2 cars. The whole line up from the past will be restarted once gauges are going to be produced.

Once we start manufacturing again, this forum will also serve as a support forum. We hope if you experience problems that you check forums first before contacting us for support. Our resources are limited and they are better spent on developing new products, rather then answering questions that are already answered. We promise to build good resources here, so you can find a help when needed. New products will be new instruments and gauges, for newer Volkswagen and Audi cars, but we hope that our product line up is going to expand to more then just gauges. Duostyling.com is proud that our products are made in Ottawa, Canada.

We encourage you to provide us accurate information about your car since that will help us to create a better products.

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